Thin-cutting bandsaw blades

Thin-cutting bandsaw blades are designed for secondary wood processing, special tools developed for maximal efficiency of CNC bandsaw machines. They are used mainly for processing of precious and exotic materials with demand on high accuracy and quality of the cut for example when manufacturing parquets, floor boards etc.

Thin-cutting bandsaw blades are custom-made according to the customer's requirements regarding accuracy, speed, quality or cleanness of the cut. For the production of our bandsaw blades we use exclusively high quality materials from renowned manufacturers such as Swedish Uddeholm, flagship in the field of bandsaw blades. 

With cut ranging from 1.20 to 1.8 mm. Tooth pitches 25, 30, 35 mm. Tooth profile according desired application (hard wood, soft wood, dry, wet, etc.).

We produce custom-made bandsaw blades for all types of thin-cutting machinery such as Wintersteiger, Fill, Neva, Stenner, Centauro, etc. 

Stellite tipping 
Proven technology of cutting blade adjustment, where a special cobalt and chrome based alloy with some other components is welded on the tooth tips, which after sharpening creates cutting blade of each tooth. The tips are consequently very hard and abrasion resistant, have longer service life and longer sharpening interval. The stellite-tipped blades also allow higher sliding speed and thanks to less maintenance also lead to time savings.
Width Thickness (mm) 
50 0,80
60 0,80
70 0,80; 0,90
80 0,80; 0,90; 1,00
90 0,80; 0,90; 1,00; 1,10
100 0,80; 0,90; 1,00; 1,10

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