Other accessories

We supply a wide range of additional products to help to achieve smooth and trouble-free work or make work easier.

Polypropylen (PP) straps
PP tapes are designed for both hand and machine strapping of cartons or goods pallets. It perfectly adapts to the shape of the banded object and secures the cargo during transport. PP tapes are recyclable to help to save the environment.

Saw blade maintenance tools
We offer a complete range of tools for maintenance and service of saw blades, such as rulers, saw teeth pitch gauges, saw blade tension gauges, setting pliers for bandsaw, circular or hacksaw blades, strapping tools, abrasives, etc.

We also arrange and supply spare parts for saws, such as guides to guide saw blades, pallete and scraping knives, springs, belleville washers, etc.

In case of an enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bc. Daniel Frolek
Obchodní referent a logistik
E: frolek@dudr.cz
M: +420 773 499 009


Bandsaw blades cleaning machine


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