Gangsaw blades

Hacksaws or portable sawmills are used to make boards, beams, rails, etc. It consist of several blades stretched side by side in a movable frame. It moves vertically, and the blades cut a log that is automatically attached to a feed mechanism. The advantages of a hacksaw are low purchase price, easy maintenance and resistance to rough handling.

We supply standard blades for teeth distribution. The bodies are made of carbon steel 75Cr1, which has excellent abrasiveness and cutting ability, hardness 48 +/- 2 HRc. Blades are delivered leveled and tensioned, unset and unsharpened. You can choose both, unlined blades with straight mounting holes Esterer, or with regular lining 35, 30, 25 mm. We prepare machine saw blades for hacksaws or portable sawmills in various lengths and tooth spacing (pitch).

Blades without surface treatment are economical, suitable for cutting unbarked wood, wood in mining or extraction areas with the possibilities of metal particles in the wood and wherever yield is not the most important factor. Blades with hard chromium coating are more resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and wear. The hard chromium coating can be made in different thicknesses. Hard chromed blades are used for cutting clean, unbarked, frozen or unclean wood. They have twice the durability of conventional uncoated blades. In addition, waste or dirt does not stick to the cutting surface.

Sawtooth wave

  • Saw-tooth - ensures greater geometric accuracy of timber dimensions, it is more stable.
  • Triangular - is good for longitudinal cuts of smaller trunks, leaving better cut surface quality

According to the client's requirements, we are able to provide other types of sawtooth waves, plating and punching. We also ensure complete maintenance of your blades - stelling, rolling, teeth setting, sharpening.

In case of an enquiry please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bc. Daniel Frolek
Business and logistics officer
M: +420 773 499 009
Longitudinal cut wood of various kinds.
About 2 weeks from order.


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