Circular saws

We offer circular saw blades for cutting dry, wet, hard and soft wood, as well as blades for cutting laminate, chipboard, MFD boards, plasterboard, etc. Currently, sintered carbide is the basic material for circular saw blades. It offers high quality cutting and a long service life for a sharpened blade at a favourable price. According to the type of cutting material and required treatment and quality of kerfs, you can choose from a wide range of our circular saw blades. Blades of many shapes, teeth and pitches are available.

Circular saw blade teeth can have various geometries, straight, alternate, conical, trapezium and straight hollow being the most common ones. In addition to standard teeth, circular blades for ripping wood have wiper slots located on the surface of the circular blade unit, which clean out the cutting area and prevent the blade from pinching.

Servicing of circular saw blades
We offer full-scale servicing of circular saw blades. The standard services we offer include:

  • Cleaning of circular saw blades
  • Replacement of tungsten-carbide tips on saw blades
  • Sharpening
  • Straightening of circular saw blades

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