About Dudr Tools s.r.o.

We are a dynamically developing company that has been operating in the woodworking industry for over 30 years. Our experiences date back in year 1992. For many years the production took place in Zlín town. Zlín is well-known city because of former shoemaking empire of Tomas Bata (1876-1932), and strive to continue the tradition of industrial production he established in Zlín. For many years our production was located in the former area of Bata’s production plants. What we are also proud of is that over the course of the 30 years our company went from strength to strength and is currently made up of 100 members of staff. It is the recognition of traditional values of credibility and reliability along with individual approach to each customer that we put our success down to. In summer 2018 we finished building our own company seat - since that we have own production hall and the seat of company moved to Sazovice, a village located 11 km far-away from Zlín.

Thanks to numerous years of experience, we have built up an exceptional reputation and established a firm market position among woodworking companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The reason our market share keeps growing is mainly due to our advances in innovation of manufacturing technologies as well as continuous investment in development. What keeps the company ahead of competitors is our very own development center staffed by leading experts in the industry.

We provide comprehensive services including consultancy as well as maintenance in the field of saw blades, band saw blades and circular saw blades. Deliveries and collections are performed by means of our own vehicles within the Czech Republic and Slovakia. To date, there have been more than 1500 clients world-wide whose requirements we have been privileged to fulfil. To list a few countries our clients are based in let us name: Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Lithuania, Holland, Finland and many others. The bottom line is that no matter where our customers are we do our best to live up to our reputation and remain reliable business partners.

Our "lucky seven"

  1. Individual approach and excellent customer care – Each customer is treated individually. One they have become familiar with customer’s operations our team are ready to propose a solution tailored to customer’s needs and requirements. Whenever problems arise, our repair fleet is on hand ready to set off. What is more, our own delivery cars are precisely coordinated in order to minimize the delivery time and maximize customer satisfaction.
  2. Cutting-edge technology – We heavily invest in new technology. In addition to that, strong emphasis is put on innovation and constant search for more efficient production methods. Instead of being stuck in the rut, our team follows the path of constant machinery and equipment modernization.
  3. Experience and know-how – Our management, supervisors and machine operators have professional qualifications and are given regular trainings. The entire team is made up of well-trained and highly experienced staff who take their jobs responsibly. In brief, we believe that the constant quality of our products and services is predominantly achieved via professional and dedicated work force.
  4. State-of-the-art materials – It is the highest quality materials that are used for production of our saw blades. The materials are exclusively supplied by renowned manufacturers such as Uddeholm, which is considered a flagship in the field of saw blades.
  5. Perfect welding – Our specialists have been perfecting the technology of saw blade welding for years. As a result, the welded sections of the blades are as strong as any other part. We became so confident that a lifetime guarantee is provided on the main welds.
  6. Decently priced – The pricing policy we follow ensures that the company can withstand rough competition on the market. Despite affordable prices our customers are bound to obtain products of the highest quality.
  7. Precise output control – Every single blade leaving our production undergoes a rigorous process of quality control. We know every blade like the back of our hands. Hence we are able to describe their production history whenever requested.  


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